Terms of Service
We advise the users to read and understand the terms and conditions before they start using webwe.com or any of its products and services. Once you use our site, it would automatically convey your acceptance of the various conditions and terms that are stated here.

1. Registering on WebWe

  1. In order to be able to register on webwe.com, a user should be at least 14 years old. Also, an adult supervision and permission must be obtained for using the site by individuals under the age of 21 years.

  2. If you are a legal guardian giving permission to a child or adding a child to your account, you understand that the child would get an access to all the services of webwe.com and the content that is accessed, viewed, used or shared by the children would be their responsibility and WebWe shall not be blamed for any of it nor shall we be judged for the appropriateness of content and features.

  3. WebWe discourages users from creating unnecessary multiple accounts or accounts with fake names. It is always advisable to only have one registered account so that your friends and acquaintances can connect with you easily and without confusion.

  4. While registering on WebWe, you should ensure that all the information that you provide is accurate and up to date. You should avoid creating accounts on behalf of someone else without their consent.

  5. Creation or submission of unwanted mails, posting of abusive comments or harassing and spamming other users might lead to a cancellation of your registration.

  6. WebWe discourages the use of questionable user names while registering for an account. In case there are complaints and controversies related to a particular user name, WebWe may remove or reclaim the same.

  7. Transferring an account to someone else should not be done without obtaining a prior written permission from webwe.com

  8. Convicted sex offenders are not allowed to register with WebWe and in case your account has been terminated, you shall not register again without the consent of webwe.com

2. Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Once you have successfully registered on webwe.com, you shall be entitled to several rights and along with that, you shall be expected to be aware of your responsibilities too.

  2. Every user of WebWe shall be able to benefit from the features and services of the sites and will be able to upload, post and share pictures, information, videos and any other form of content that is supported by WebWe.

  3. Users are discouraged from posting or sharing anybody's personal details or financial information. In case a violation of this responsibility is spotted by the WebWe team, the particular objectionable content will be reviewed and removed. A repeated act of such kind may even lead to the termination of an account either for a set period of time or permanently.

  4. You shall not infringe the Intellectual Property Rights of other people or companies. In case such infringement is reported, it will be reviewed and will also call for strict action.

  5. WebWe thrives to offer the best experience to every user. Hence, we expect our users to act in a mature way and respect the rights of all other connections on the site.

  6. It is your responsibility to not disrupt the services or networks of a particular service by use of harmful spyware, worms, viruses or other destructive codes. You must also refrain from altering how WebWe functions or operates in any user's browser.

  7. It is also your responsibility to be alert and keep your passwords a top secret. Utmost caution needs to be taken so that any unwanted activity under your name can be prevented.

  8. Every user of webwe.com is responsible for the content that he or she posts and shares. You need to ensure that harassing content is not posted through your user account.

  9. You shall respect all the rights of other WebWe users and agree to abide by the policies, terms and conditions for protecting those rights.

3. Privacy

  1. Maintaining the privacy of the user accounts and protecting their individual rights is the prime concern for WebWe. In order to take care of all aspects related to the area of privacy, WebWe has formulated an exclusive set of regulations that can be read in detail as the Privacy Policy.

4. Trademark

  1. The domain name, website name, logos and other distinctive features of WebWe are protected by a trademark. The use, misuse or copying of these without the consent of WebWe will call for serious legal action.

5. Mobile Devices

  1. webwe.com is working on an exclusive mobile browsing site. As soon as the mobile version is complete and ready to be launched, the users will be notified via mail or by the information displayed on the login or index page of www.webwe.com

  2. Mobile users can reach the site on m.webwe.com but only for a new sign up. The new account can be used on the desktop.

  3. Currently, WebWe does not have mobile application. A creation of the same will be notified to the users.

Changes in the terms and conditions/services and any other agreements

  1. WebWe reserves the right to alter the terms of use, privacy policy and any other agreements without prior notice. Users should update themselves with the latest changes as continued usage would imply that you have understood the latest updates.

  2. We also reserve the right to add, modify or discontinue the provision of any of the services or features on WebWe.

  3. In case you do not agree to any of the terms as stated here, you should not use the website webwe.com or any of its services.