Page Terms
We advise the users to read and understand the pages terms before using the WebWe services, its products or the site as a whole. Once you use our site, it would automatically convey your acceptance of the various conditions and terms that are stated here.

1. General
  1. allows the users to create a Page. However, the page will be owned only by those users who have an authority over the subject matter.

  2. Any appropriate name can be chosen for the created pages as long as it does not violate any of the policies. WebWe allows a change in the name of a page only thrice in one calendar year. However, a name change will not be allowed if a page has gained a significant number of followers.

  3. In case your page is not an official page for a public figure, a company, a brand or any other entity, then one thing should be kept in mind that you should not post or share comments, pictures, videos or any other content on behalf of that brand, figure or entity. It is also advised to publicly make it clear that your page is not an official or authorized representative of the said entities.

  4. Everything that is posted or shared on or through a page on WebWe is visible to anybody who follows that particular page.

  5. Any illicit, vulgar, threatening , pornographic or violent content must not be shared on a page. If such unacceptable material is found that is apparently intended to incite hatred or commotion amonng the members of the society will be removed by WebWe. Repeated misconduct of this sort will lead to the blocking of the page or of the user.

  6. If a page is created for the promotion of regulated good or services like adult products, alcohol, tobacco, firw arms and so on, then the access of the page should be allowed only to users over the age of 18 years.

  7. It is advised to avoid providing false or misleading information on the pages.

2. Data
  1. If you ask the followers of your page to submit any information or data then you should also clarify that the particular data is being collected by you and WebWe does not have any role to play in it.

3. Suspension and Termination
  1. If a page created on WebWe is found to be violating the laws, third party rights or the policies, terms and conditions of use then that page will be blocked or removed.

  2. If the defaulters continue to violate the above mentioned norms then the user account itself will be blocked or terminated.

4. Modification of Services and Agreement
  1. WebWe reserves the rights to change or modify the pages terms at any time.

  2. Also, WebWe reserves the rights to add or remove some part of or the complete set of features and services at any time without prior notice.

In case you do not agree to any of the terms as stated here, you should not use the website or any of its services.