When users visit, we use the services of third-party companies for serving the advertisements. Information about your visits to the site and also about your visits to other websites may be collected by these third party companies. The way we collect information is only intended to analyse your preferences so that the right kind of advertisements are shown to you and not ones that you may find irrelevant or distracting. The information that is collected only involves your browsing patterns and goods and services that may interest you. To elaborate that, your name or contact and other personal details will not be accessible or collected by these companies.

Google is one the third-party vendors who used cookies for serving the right kind of ads to the users. It is this very DART cookie that makes it possible for Google and its partners to keep a track of your various website visits. In case you decide that you do not want to be tracked or served with the ads, then you can choose to opt out of the system of DART. This can be done by simply visiting the site and going to the page of privacy policy related to the ad and content network.

WebWe also accepts the display of advertisements at the time users log out of their WebWe accounts. All these advertisements are based upon your search patterns and previously viewed ads from your browser.